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Meeting your exact requirements is our specialty.

Whether it be us manufacturing elastomers specific to the die ejection application, skiving to a precision thickness or converting the material into a special shape or size, we can do it all here under one roof.

Skiving to Any Thickness

We can convert any material to any thickness using our precision, splitting equipment.

Waterjet Cutting

Our eight-head machines are perfect for high volume production of our profile strips.  We also do custom waterjet cutting for special, custom profiles and parts.

CNC Knife Cutting

We use multiple CNC machines to produce the best kiss cuts in the industry, while also assuring perfect squareness to each block and strip with no concavity.


Of course we still use dies! It is still hard to beat a hard working human and a good cutting die.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Speed up the die rubbering process with our Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.

Customized CAD File

Send us a .dxf of your part and we can turn it into anything you want!

Ejection Material Testing

We are compiling our own product performance database to help you determine the proper ejection material for your application.