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Our BuildingDiansuply Inc. first opened its doors in 1949 when diemaker Ollie Bohrer saw a need for "thinking die makers" and the evolution of more complex dies. Post World War II economics expansion, coupled with Ollie's constant drive, fueled Diansuply's growth through the 1950's as a top quality die firm.

ExpoOllie was responsible for many cost, labor and time saving innovations to the packaging industry. From the first pro type model constructed in 1958 through the application and award of the first patents in 1968, Ollie's LABORSABER SAW was a "dream in the making". The Industry's "First Retractable Jig Saw" was unveiled as a "show stopper" at Chicago's Expo 1970 Convention. He also developed "EMBOSSO TYPE" as an efficient method of stamping corrugated cartons and was the first in the industry to utilize "INSTANT STICK" (pressure sensitive adhesive) rubber.

The founder of Diansuply was also a charter member of the NADD (now the IADD) and Diansuply is still an active member of this organization.

Diansuply is owned and operated by Ollie Bohrerís granddaughter Christine Guest and her husband Jeremy. They are dedicated to continuing Diansuply's legacy of innovative technology, quality products at a reasonable price and it's superior customer service.

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